In this section of the site we answer the most popular questions that people interested in starting up a team have. If you can't find the answer here don't hesitate to contact us.

Q1 - How do I become an MTP Coach?

A prospective coach must first either be a member of a Team or gather together enough interested people to build a Team.
A Team is usually a group of interested friends,family, and or acquaintances who are interested in life change for weight loss and or longevity improvement through healthy living.
Once a Team of 10 or more have been collected,and a location and time proposed for the weekly MTP session the coach registers the Team ,and makes a coaching application.
All Coaches must complete the application and pass the approval process to be accepted by MTP.
Complete and Application to start up a new team as coach

Once the Coach Team,location and times have been accepted all team members are notified to sign up as members of the Team. Once 10 team members have registered the MTP Team and the weekly activity session will be activated.

Q2 - What does it cost for a coach to become a coach and start up a team?

Starting up a team for the coach is free. The only payments taken by MTP are the monthly membership payments from team members. Equipment for the games must also be purchased from MTP or a local equipment source.

Q3 - How much can I earn as a coach?

There is no fixed limit to the amount a coach can earn with MTP. The more sessions and teams a coach coaches the more income a coach receives. Additional income can be achieved for coaches who become successful MTP Ambassadors.

Q4 - What kind of support do you offer to a coach?

All coaches are assigned a mentor,usually the person that refers them to MTP as a suitable person to be a coach.

Q5 - How many people could I be coaching?

If a volunteer,coaching a single team 10 would be the minimum and 20-30 would be the normal full team membership. Coaches making MTP a business may coach 5,10 or even more teams so could be coaching 100,200, 300 or even more clients.

Other common questions

MTP coaches are partner's with O3Business when operating an MTP Team and you are required to operate as a one owner operator business.(O3Business). You will be required to sign a partnering agreement and be responsible for payment of your own state and federal taxes etc. You will be required to carry business insurance to cover any personal liability.
Potential injury during exercise,Team Games or Team Walks is a risk that is accepted by all participants in an exercise program and cannot normally be covered by insurance. All clients must therefore sign a waiver (see waiver form)accepting the risk of participation and waiving their right to claim any damages for injury against MTP or its coaches.
You can run as many teams at different locations as you like. All location data and team membership data must be provided by the coaches and then will be administered by MTP. All team locations will be advertised on the MTP website and operated under the Mission Thin Possible brand.
If you decide to give up coaching you can refer another coach who if accepted by MTP can to take over your locations and teams but the business cannot be sold to another coach.
All coaches need a late model smart phone with access to the Internet.

Team Walk does not require anything but a place to meet up and suitable safe route to do a Team Walk.

Team Games need equipment packs (that can be purchased from MTP or local sourced) plus some locations may require payment of site fees. Most games need a 40 meter square clear flat area.

All advertising media required will be provided electronically for printing locally by coaches.
At the end of each month the coach share of the memberships will be paid via PAY_PAL, our finance partner. Each coach will be required to have a PAY-PAL account. (Fitness services are not subject to sales tax. Your personal income paid by MTP to you will be subject to income tax. PAY-PAL are required to report your payments to the IRS once your payments via your PAY-PAL account exceed 20000$ a year. You can obtain a zero charge monthly account for PAY_PAL.)