Coach Application

Team Registration Process

All Teams must be officially registered by your coach.

  • Team members intending to participate provide, name, e-mail and a verbal commitment to the the coach.
  • The application to start up a new Mission Thin Possible Team, is completed and submitted by the Coach on behalf of the Team.
  • Team Members are notified that the team is registered, and provided the link where to sign up individually Online.
    Subscriptions are monthly.
    The Team member is responsible for management of their own subscriptions.
    There are no Terms in the purchase.
    Team members can cancel at any time.
  • Team activation will occurs once at least 10 team members sign up on the MTP website.
  • Team members are notified of the first Team Game or Team Walk session.

    NO CASH TRANSACTIONS ARE ACCEPTED. We apologize if this causes difficulty but it is for you and your coaches safety.
    All payments must be made by credit card on line directly on the MTP website which is processed by our partner PAY PAL
    See our Privacy Policy.
Coach and Coach Details.

Fill out the form below and submit for yourself and your Team. A separate application is required for each new Team/Session you want to start up.

Location and Time

Establish location address, weekday and time for the weekly MTP Team session..

Team Members

Coaches collect and enter team member names and e-mail. (10 minimum). Our privacy and harassment policies are provided for your protection.

Additional Info

Add any additional comments ,Questions as appropriate.

Coach/Team Application Form

Coach Details

Location/Team Details
Please provide day,time,and location for new weekly MTP Team Session,
plus full name, and E-mail,for each team member (minimum 10).