Our Program

Mission Thin Possible 2017 has been jointly developed by O3Business and SGOFitness. It is a progression from our original program and still includes outdoor group fitness life change and weight loss motivation classes but we have dropped our 90-day weight loss challenge format.
Weight loss challenges encourage fast weight loss risking triggering the "Famine Response" in clients long term.
The majority of biggest loser TV competition competitors were still suffering the famine effect 6 years after the competition ended, and eventually regained most of their weight back. Based on the latest research we now know why and have modified our program to address it.
We are still focused on coaching permanent life change en route to weight loss success. Weight loss for overweight clients is an almost sure route to extending life.
Providing better education of the what, the how to, and the why, and dispelling the many weight loss myths out there is also our goal.

MTP provides clients a " target weight loss/month curve". This gives an estimated optimum weight loss rate to guide clients to avoid losing weight too fast. The slower weight loss rate makes permanent weight loss possible with a much higher probability of success. Clients are coached to achieve a lifestyle that they can happily live with long term to maintain the result.
MTP target rate loss rates are based on science;

  1. Recent human fat cell size studies
  2. Swedish carbon dating of human fat cells.
  3. Leptin and Grehlin Hormone studies.

These are used to establish how fast a person can reset their bodyweight set point.
Our program is still built on working in a group or team, adopting change together and helping each other along, while each week participating in fun team games and team walks that everyone can do. Happy people live longer!

We like to think of Mission Thin Possible as a "social movement to a better healthier happier longer lifestyle for all". We invite you, your family,and your friends to come join us. Build from your own Team of friends.
Stuart Gogarty, Misson Thin Possible.

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