Locations and Times

Locations and Times

Finding locations near you will be easy.
All new locations will be added to Google maps as new Teams are formed.

Teams will be doing Team Games ,Team Walks,and or both..

All MTP locations will provide weekly Weigh In and Educational life change coaching. All Teams will be open to new members joining subject to reaching maximum capacity for the location.

The 1st Team Location will be
Allied Gardens Park ,San Diego
Mondays 6.00 p.m.starting 23rd October.

Coach Sean Gogarty ACE Certified Trainer

(No term,can cancel any time.)

Meet at East end of park by Shuttleboad courts.

MTP Games
Map for Team Games will be here soon. Contact MTP for more info.
MTP Team Walk

Map for Team Walk will be here soon. Contact MTP for more info.

Starting up a new team.

In the interim why not get together with a group of friends and start up your own Team at a convenient location and time near to you.

Keep Your Team Healthy and Strong

The more the merrier and the more fun MTP becomes. Meet and make new friends through your MTP Team. Maintaining a healthy and strong well attended team sessions is very important. Teams working together maximize interaction. 10 team members is a practical minimum. 20 in your team , (or more), is an ideal number. Having more team member makes it easier to arrange extra self coached Team sessions for those in your team with more time to participate. An extra Team Game or some daily Team Walks or jog with friends in your team is an excellent fitness activity for life extension.