Live Longer

Life Extension

Many of us now have a "body age" that is many years older than our "true age" due to our lifestyle. Healthy nutrition and achieving adequate daily exercise and living well are the keys to extending our lives. Our hunter gatherer ancestors consumed about 1/3 less food and were far more active than today’s average individual.
We can reasonably expect to gain a 5 year,10 year or more life extension if we simply adopt a lifestyle keeping our food intake under control and maintaining adequate daily activity and/or exercise. A 100 years long or more life could be in our grasp if we start soon enough.

We once believed that the more exercise we did the better for longevity gains.
However repeatedly driving our cardio vascular system to its limits and/or starving our body of sufficient nutrition, will result in us surpassing the sweet spot where maximum longevity gains are achieved. Extreme endurance and power sports like distance running, cycling and bodybuilding, or , combining high intensity 1000 calorie burning exercise classes with calorie restriction, chasing the low body fat percentage six pack look of celebrities, can result in reducing our longevity instead of increasing it.

Research is now favoring exercise programs that mimic the activity of our hunter gatherer ancestors, combining low to moderate endurance type exercises like walking or light jogging, with some short bursts of high intensity activity.

  • Maintain a healthy food intake at a level appropriate to our weight.
  • Increase regular daily physical activity especially if overweight.
  • Low to moderate intensity exercise is sufficient but must be daily.
  • Some short duration Micro-burst higher intensity activity should be included.
  • Group/Team participation is the key to succeeding in life change.
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  • men
MTP Games

MTP games sessions embody friendly games chosen to foster teamwork and encourage continuous light to moderate exercise with bursts of higher level intensity. They are mostly adaptations of mainstream sports modified to increase the fun factor and be suitable for all participants even higher weight participants. Some extra higher intensity segments are added to some games to get the benefits of Micro-burst Exercise.

MTP Team Walk

MTP Team Walks are fun group run/walks with the added variation of a number of group short duration higher intensity micro-burst static sprints. Conversing while walking or running is encouraged and helps keep you in the optimum fat burning Zone.

MTP 60 Micro-burst Training

MTP provides our simple ground breaking MTP60 protocol.
Our 60 second micro-burst static sprint training can be easily added by almost anyone to their daily life.
Static sprinting can even be added into a normal work day on days your time for participating in a dedicated exercise session is not possible. You can do them in the office, hotel room, your living room, even while traveling on airplanes.
MTP 60 static sprints can be added to any low to moderate exercise program to add EPOC, "after-burn", and other HIIT benefits.

Irisin,Human Growth Hormones and Mitochondria.

New research is increasing our understanding of the immense interaction of daily diet and exercise on our body.
Exercise in all but really low body fat % persons increase the production of some important hormones impacting our longevity , the human growth hormone (HGH), and Irisin.
Human Growth Hormone helps maintain cell repair, reproduction and immune system health especially during our sleep. Both enough sleep and adequate daylight are required each day, to keep our circadian rythm in sync, and are essential to maximize their effects.
The hormone "Irisin", encourages conversion of white fat storing adipose cells to brown or amber energy producing cells. This is a natural way to accelerate permanent weight loss.
Exercise has also been linked to increasing the number of ,"Mitochondria", the energy conversion engines inside all our cells. Mitochondria are critical for healthy maintenance of all cell functions.
There is even evidence that gaining extra Mitochondria produce an anti-aging effect. By increasing their number just under our skin can make us look younger. This helps get that extra "fit and healthy glow" look we achieve through good diet and regular exercise.

Adding short micro-burst exercise of higher intensity especially starting from a resting or low heart rate, takes the least time and effort to encourage these changes. These bursts also improve our cardio vascular capability and health, overall musculoskeletal functions and performance, and maintain our bodies multiple natural energy storage and utilization systems in good order.