In this section of the site we answer the most popular questions that people ask about this protocol. If you can't find the answer her here don't hesitate to contact us.

Q1 - Do I need a warm up/cool down ?

The initial 3,10 second build up stages are sufficient to warm up as they use all the same body parts used in the final 30 second sprint.
As the body energy systems are not loaded for any considerable time and the total energy burn is only small, no cool down is required. You will find that your heart rate will continue to rise for a short time after the sprint but that is normal. Once you become familiar with the protocol and your body acclimatizes over a week or two, the 3X10 second warm up periods can be shortened and the 30 second max sprint can be extended towards a full 1 minute all out from rest. This does give the max effect.>

Q2 - What is the Science behind MTP60?

This sprint format accelerates your body energy systems so quickly that it utilizes all 3 sources of energy, (providing energy in form of ATP,) that your muscles can use. It is a natural full body exercise using most of the muscles in the body. It will push your cardiovascular system up to a higher intensity than walking or even steady jogging, but not push your heart muscles into highest heart rates, i.e. never operating oxygen deficient for any length of time nor risk of producing heart wall thickening as can result from long bouts of high intensity level endurance type exercise.
Burst type training has been shown in laboratory tests to provide greater fitness benefits at a faster rate than light to moderate exercises like walking and jogging alone can.

Q3 - Can anyone do it?

It represents real life situations, so being able to conduct this type of protocol is natural. Once we have acclimatized ,MTP60 can protect us against real life situations that drive us into fast sudden exertion from rest without warning, as may be required to save hurt or injury. We do however recommend building up the intensity and number of times you conduct the MTP 60 Sprint Protocol over a 2 weeks or more. Any nausea shortness of breath or development of muscoskelaton reaction or pain, other than slight muscle stiffness etc, should be cause for concern and you should stop using this protocol until you have checked with a doctor for clearance

Q4 - Risk?
All exercise carries some inherent risk and it is recommended only use this exercise when fully healthy and injury free to add extra activity to your daily life. Build up your top sprint speed slowly over a week or two to give your body time to acclimatize. Make sure you are well clear of any furniture,other obstacle and /or equipment and conduct the exercise only on a smooth, flat non, slip surface in appropriate flat shoes

Other common questions

As many times as you feel comfortable.

Build up gradually and take 15-20 minutes between bursts. You are burning mostly free energy ATP and ATP converted from glycogen via mostly an anaerobic conversion, limited oxygen. You will eventually start to feel the exertion as your body has to restore your stores of glycogen in your muscles.

Yes it does. Each 60 seconds will take 30 minutes to an hour or longer for your muscles to recover.
Keeping the exercise to just the first minute, most of the energy used is anaerobic. This is what causes the "After burn". By repeating the protocol over and over taking 30 minutes between, i.e. either at your desk,workstation or watching TV, you will keep your body in a continuous state of afterburn whilr your body burns glucose to build back up its ATP and Glycogen stores.