Lifestyle Change

How to achieve lifestyle change.

We are creatures of habit. Our lifestyle is a combination of regular repeatable activities or habits. Habits , good or bad, are hard for most of us to change.
Some of our lifestyle like todays more sedentary jobs are hard to change, but habits that are under our control can be.
Habits are influenced by our upbringing, our peer group and our environment especially modern media interaction.
We are constantly only walking with our fingers on electronic devices. We are being bombarded by advertising selling unhealthy foods that can trigger food addictions and work against our adoption of improved nutrition. We are being spoon fed exercise solutions and weight loss plans that are neither sound nor practical lifelong solutions. Our education series will guide you to follow a life change plan that works for everyone.

  • Rewarding ourselves every time we make a better life choice works wonders.
  • Pre-emptive planning of alternatives can ward off poor choices and influences.
  • Get positive interaction and influence of a "tribe" around you.
  • Let us debunk and bury unsound fads and fiction.
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Goal Setting

A plan and clear step by step goals, allows us to succeed one baby step at a time. History repeatedly has shown individual success rates are far higher when working on a set of mutual common goals and objectives as part of a team. Working at it together with a team drawn from family, friends, and work associates around you is a far better strategy than trying it alone.

Pre-emptive Actions

Pre-emptive actions are ones that make us choose a healthier option by pre-arranging and planning a "better alternative" to be more easily available. Failing to keep to newly adopted lifestyle improvements, and not letting old bad habits creep back in. can be avoided by good use of pre-emptive planning. We will usually take the easy way first if it’s there. We make better life choices when we make them more easily accessible than our old bad habits.

Feed Forward Thinking

This is a technique of initially visualizing in our mind ourselves successfully doing things differently and better. These visualizations become reality as we program ourselves to subconsciously chose them first and do them repeatedly. These better choices automatically become part of our new healthier lifestyle. Sharing new ideas of healthier ways to live within your peer group adds horse power to visualizing and adopting changes for the better.