Life Change 60-Day Challenge 250$ Prize

Lose just 1lb in 60 days to be eligible to Win!

Weight Loss and Life Change is the key to living longer.

Mission Thin Possible has progressed from our original program. It includes outdoor group fitness, life change and weight loss motivation classes, but now weight loss challenges have been replaced by "Life Change Challenges".
Weight loss for overweight clients will provide on average 5 to 10 years increase in longevity when lifestyle habits are improved. A permanent lower body weight is the reward when done slowly enough to let our body weight set point adjust naturally.
98% of people who initially lost >10% bodyweight including the majority of biggest loser TV competition competitors eventually regained most of the weight lost due to losing the weight too fast, not allowing time for their bodyweight setpoints to adjust. Slow steady weight loss is more successful in making it permanent.

The Life Change Challenge is designed to motivate members to adopt a weight loss rate based on science rather than false hopes and emotion. We are inviting all active paying members of all our fitness programs to take part in the Challenge and the prize draw worth a minimum of 250$.
The following rules apply.

  1. Competitors must be active paying members of MTP or SGOFitness boot camp and register by "weighing in" at any MTP or SGOFitness bootcamp on or before the 16th February 2018.
  2. Competitors "weigh out" at any Mission Thin Possible class or SGOFitness boot camp between between 9th and the 16th of April 2018.
  3. All competitors achieving 1 lb weight loss within the ~ 60 day period will be eligible to enter their names into the "prize draw" to be held at a social "meet and greet" evening. 1st prize will be 250$.
  4. The winning prize will also be increased by 25$ for each new members that enrolls into a new MTP or SGOFitness monthly membership between now and the end of the competition up to a maximum of 500$. MTP and SGOFitness members are encouraged to invite any family and friends looking for a healthy "life change" to join us in the Challenge by signing up for an MTP or SGOFitness Bootcamp membership before Feb 16th 2018.
  5. The draw cannot be combined with any other special offer.Full active, up to date paying members only will be eligible to win.
  6. Establishing the winner and interpreting the rules will be the sole responsibility of MTP. All decisions shall be final.
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